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Part of owning a home means making sure that all of its many components are well-maintained and making repairs when the need arises. Homeowners spend an average of between 1% and 4% of the total value of a home each year, and spend more as time goes on. Here are three home repairs to make this spring and summer that have the best return on invest . . .


Weather Damage

March 27, 2012

Michigan weather will take its toll on your roof and significantly impact its lifespan. Because your roof may have significant weather damage, even before you notice a leak, it pays to have a free inspection. If your area has recently been hit with a storm, West Michigan Roofing will inspect your roof at no cost, then work with your insurance company to help file t . . .


Why West Michigan Roofing? Communication & Efficiency “We were especially impressed with the communication between your office, Mike and us.  You followed through on all of your promises.  Also, we appreciated the team effort to perform the job on our roof in two days.  Other roofers spent three or more days banging on the roofs of our neighbors and were less than professional . . .