Why You Need A Professional Roofing Contractor & Answers To Other Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

Dependable roofing companies in Michigan can be hard to find.  We’re here to help with your next roofing project.

West Michigan Roofing has provided professional roofing repair, roof replacement, and roofing installation services in Grand Haven, Holland, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and surrounding communities for over 100 years.

How do I know when it is time to replace the roof on my home?

The life expectancy of a roof is typically 16 to 20 years. There are many factors that affect this, however. The pitch of a roof, layers of shingles, location, ventilation, use of structure and grade of products used all have a bearing on life expectancy.

Can I install another layer of shingles over my existing roof?

Yes; by code, two layers of shingles are allowed. However, due to many manufacturer’s recommendations and proper installation techniques, most roofing projects start with removal of old material. This allows us to inspect the wood substrate, and use new underlayments, which are key to the roof’s ability to protect your home.

What type of warranties can I expect from the manufacturer and installer?

Warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but when installed by an authorized roofing installer, 50-year non-prorated warranties are available. Beware of labor guarantees past 10 years, as most companies have not been in business that long.

If I go to big box stores and purchase material, can you put that material on?

Yes—but do you really know how much material to use, and the right roofing product to select? It's best to let qualified roofing contractors make those decisions to avoid unnecessary expense.

Can I do a removal of my roof with friends, and have West Michigan Roofing install the new shingles?

Yes, but this is not recommended. Professional roofing contractors have proper tools, manpower, and safety equipment to do the job. Most homeowners do not, and the risk of injury to themselves or a loved one is never worth the money saved.