West Michigan Roofing is a Velux 3 star manufacturer certified skylight installer.

Skylights are usually located on ceilings and provide natural light for the interior of your home. These windows can also add warmth and ventilation to areas within your home. As long as skylights are installed properly, there will be no leakage or uncomfortable drafts due to the windows. Look for the Energy Star associated with every skylight and the ratings of the National Fenestration Rating Council to ensure minimal heat loss and gain and increased energy-efficiency.

Some common types of skylights are:

  • Tilt Window – opens from an upper hinge instead of using a regular skylight window design
  • Fixed – offers sunlight to the interior of the home like a regular skylight, but is unable to open

When adding skylights to your home, you are increasing sustainability by limiting the amount of mechanical lighting needed. By using natural light, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and wasteful pollution is limited. In addition, skylights let homeowners feel a sense of privacy, all while enjoying a naturally lit room.

VELUX® Skylight Installers and Roof Window

SpecialistsVELUX® sells high quality, no leak skylights and roof windows.  Add beauty and comfort to your home and find out how good natural lighting can make you feel.