There exist over 50,000 organizations engaged in roofing, siding, installation, and sheet metal work. Why are there so many, you may ask? Because they are in high demand, of course.

The majority of U.S. homeowners view the exterior of their homes as one entity rather than a sum of its parts. And in a way, they are right! When something happens to your roof, it affects the entire structure. You might think you have the knowledge and skill to fix it yourself, but a "DIY" in roofing and home repair can have devastating consequences.

Roofing companies handle more than just residential roof repair; they are also skilled at commercial roofing. Furthermore, they can be called upon for gutter inspection and gutter installation, vinyl siding repair, and window and door replacement.

Gutters are particularly important to check. When a gutter clogs, it can cause serious damage to the roof and the foundation of the building. But your roof and your gutters are so high up, it's hard to notice when there's a problem. That's why it's essential to have all parts of your home's exterior inspected on a regular basis.

Roofing companies will see problems and warning signs that your untrained eyes can easily miss. For example, an asphalt roof can require replacement every 12 to 20 years, but that is quite a long span of time. How are you expected to know when your roof is at the end of its life? Additionally, your roof will receive different levels of wear and tear depending on your geographical location and climate. A home in a hot spot for hail storms, snow storms, or in heavily wooded areas will be hit harder by the weather than homes elsewhere. These homes will require more roof maintenance, or a different roofing material altogether. As many as 72% of homeowners prefer a roofing material that requires little or no maintenance. Metal roofing is durable and longer-lasting than asphalt.

If you are not trained in roofing and construction, don't climb up there. You are bound to do more harm than good for both yourself and your home. If you are concerned about the integrity of your roof, then it is probably not a safe decision to be walking around on it.