Should I Repair or Replace My Windows?

June 2, 2016

The vast majority of homeowners (88%) across the U.S. see the exterior of their homes as one entity rather than a sum of its individual parts. So, when one part of your house is in disrepair, one may argue that your entire home… Read More

The Facts About Windows

April 26, 2016

Windows have a bigger impact on your home than you might think. They are not just light sources or portals through which to view the outside world; windows can affect your energy bill, your home’s temperature, and even your health and wellbeing. Fun… Read More

Is Your House Protected?

March 28, 2016

Naturally, you want your home to be beautiful. But your home’s siding is not just meant for appearances, and the material you choose should not be based entirely on aesthetics. Siding is the most exterior part of your house, so it is your… Read More

Why Roofing is Not a Good DIY Project

March 16, 2016

There exist over 50,000 organizations engaged in roofing, siding, installation, and sheet metal work. Why are there so many, you may ask? Because they are in high demand, of course. The majority of U.S. homeowners view the exterior of their homes as one… Read More

4 Facts You Never Knew About Roof Leaks

February 29, 2016

The subject of roof care may seem like a relatively boring subject, but there is always something that you can learn and things that you should know. Our home coverings are really under appreciated. Even during home remodeling, the first thing we think… Read More

How Winter Weather Can Take its Toll on Your Roof

December 30, 2015

Winter weather can be unpredictable. Some days, a storm could rip through the area and the week after that the sun will shine like nothing ever happened. While we appreciate the brighter days of winter, there can be unknown trouble brewing below your… Read More

What’s the Most Cost Effective Commercial Roofing Material?

August 27, 2015

For at least a century, those iconic asphalt shingles have been by far the most popular residential roofing material, at least in the U.S. (they’re virtually unheard of in Europe). But while asphalt singles are popular on commercial buildings as well, selecting commercial… Read More

Glossary Of Popular Commercial Roofing Materials – A Primer

August 6, 2015

In the United States, there are currently more than 50,000 companies providing their customers with sheet metal, siding, and roofing contractors. If you’re looking to hire a commercial roofing company in Michigan, then you’ll need to know what you’re talking about. But not… Read More