The subject of roof care may seem like a relatively boring subject, but there is always something that you can learn and things that you should know. Our home coverings are really under appreciated. Even during home remodeling, the first thing we think about is the kitchen or the bathroom or maybe even adding or knocking down walls, but how often do we get excited about a roof replacement? Everyone wants roofing materials that require little or no maintenance, but no one really wants to get to know their roof. For example, you probably didn't know that the roof is made up of entities components. About 88% of U.S. homeowners see the exterior of their home as one entity. A lack of roofing information can harm our ability to take care of our roofs even though most people use durability as the number one factor when buying a roof. Longevity was the runner up, but a roof will not be durable or last a long time if we don't take care of it.

Roof Leaks  Leaks can cause a lot of damage and potentially unnecessary roof repair. Luckily, these can be somewhat avoided if you understand a few things about leaks. Here are some fun facts you might not have known about leaks. Keep them in mind and they might help you out more than you realize.
  1. Rain doesn't fall straight down.  This is a misconception, because we know that clouds produce rain, and clouds are above us. While gravity does pull rain drops towards the ground, all it takes is a strong force of wind to change the direction that rain falls. Consequently, rain can actually fall sideways, and even upwards in a full circle. Strong rain coming down at an angle to your roof shingles can cause a lot of issues. This is why the water is able to get underneath the shingles. However, A good roofer has ways to protect your home from this kind of water damage even when those extremely strong winds are involved.
  2. Leaks don't start with water.  Well, sort of. They do start with water, but if the water was left alone it would usually drain off. However, leaks usually start when the weather is hot and sunny. Any leftover water that is stagnant on your roof can be dried up by the sun and cause damage to that particular area. As the sun keeps hitting that spot, over time it can weaken the roof. Then, the weight of the rain hitting that area can cause breakage, holes and thus leaks. This is why you don't usually know about a leak until the next storm. If this happens during the summer, it can be a very frustrating time once the rains of winter begin to hit, because there may be multiple places on your roof that this is happened to.
  3. The hole might not be where the water is coming through.  If rain water is leaking into your house, source may not be directly above. Water is able to travel from the leak to totally different part of the house. It is possible that while the water may be coming into your kitchen, the leak is actually above the living room. You will need a professional to determine the actual source of the leak, as well as its travel path.
  4. Maintenance costs less than repairing.  If you keep up on gutter inspections, general roof inspections, and more, you will be able to recognize and diagnose potential problems before they become major issues. Roof repair can be very pricey, because it requires a lot of work. Regular maintenance is something you can budget and plan for.
Hopefully these facts will inspire you to conduct regular inspections that will help save your roof from not only leaks, but all other problems that can occur.