It takes a lot of work to turn a house into a home, but if your house is falling apart, it won't make for much of a home in the first place. Any outdoor maintenance, especially roof repair and replacement, can get expensive and stressful in the blink of an eye. Thinking it's time to replace your roof? Here are five tips to help make the installation a smooth one.

Hire a Roofing Contractor

Some dedicated DIY advocates will attempt to complete part of the roofing project themselves, and usually with unfortunate results. In any scenario, it's best to hire an experienced professional to complete the job, especially if that job involves standing and working on top of houses and commercial buildings. There are currently over 50,000 professional roofing and siding establishments, so finding a roofing contractor to complete your project shouldn't be too difficult. However, you should always make sure that your contractor has all of the proper paperwork and insurance.

Get the Necessary Permits

Most local governments and municipalities will require necessary permits before you can start roofing work. Most roofing contractors will do the legal work to obtain the permits, but you should be aware of the cost and process that obtaining the permits entails.

Remove the Old Roof

Many people are under the impression that putting a new roof over the old one may save time and money. In reality, this could not only cost you money in the future, it could be hiding serious damage. When a roofing company strips your old roof, it allows them a chance to inspect the materials underneath and determine whether or not repairs are needed.

Choose the Right Materials

Over 70% of homeowners say that when replacing their roof, they would choose materials that require little to no maintenance. While traditional asphalt shingles require re-roofing every 12 years or so, metal roofing can help cut down on energy costs and has a lifetime guarantee. Not only that, but a metal roof has, on average, 56% recycled steel in its materials.


You can't predict the weather, but you can plan for a nicer time of the year to get your roof replaced. Most roofing jobs can be completed within a few days, if the weather permits, so try to plan for a time of year when the weather is generally nicer.

If you follow these five tips, your roof should be looking good as new in no time, and you should be set for a long time to come.