As of today, there is no such thing as a roof that will last forever. Every roof will, eventually, need to be replaced, which is why it’s so important to take good care of your roof. By properly maintaining your commercial building’s roof, you not only extend its life to the high end of its cycle, but you also improve the value of your initial investment.

Benefits of Professional Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Roofing

Financially, scheduling preventive maintenance for your roof is a no-brainer. It extends the life of your roof while catching any potential issues before they become massively expensive problems.

Taking a visual survey of your roof yourself from time to time is a good idea, but it’s even more important to have a professional inspect your roof twice a year. Typically, these inspections will take place in the spring and fall, and they are often necessary to maintain the terms of your warranty.

A professional inspection will detect things the naked eye can’t—not just leaks, but potential leaks, for example. A thorough, twice-annual inspection includes analysis of every aspect of your roof, catching any problems early and giving you peace of mind the entire year.

Customized Maintenance Plans

Because your roof is unique, so must be your maintenance plan. Generally, the twice-annual strategy will be consistent across all roofs. As for exactly what your inspection entails, it may vary from one roof to another.

We’ll check for the obvious—leaks, deterioration of materials, construction integrity, ponding water, any drains, AC units, or other installations—and also look for potential problems specific to your roof. Identifying trouble areas in advance helps to maintain the health of your roof as long as possible.

Another important aspect of your roof is its energy efficiency. What condition is it in? How old is it? Is it properly insulated? All of these things go into making sure your roof extends to (or past) its maximum life span.

Maintenance Tips for Your Employees

There are things you and your employees can do to protect the integrity of your roof all year long. Facility managers need to be proactive in making sure all employees are aware of some simple habits that seem innocuous, but can make a real difference. Here are a few:

  • Keep the drain system free of clogs.
  • Don’t leave anything—tools, for example—on the roof.
  • Don’t smoke on the roof.
  • Walk only on walking paths.

When you take proper care of your roof throughout the year and set up a professional preventive maintenance plan in the spring and fall, you can be confident you’ll get as much as you can out of your roof.