Local Contractors VS General Contractors When it’s time to schedule roof repair or replacement, there’s some confusion as to whether to hire a local roofing contractor or a general contractor. In most cases, the decision is easy as long as you understand the job(s) you need done and the roles of each type of contractor.

Differences Between a Roofing Contractor and a General Contractor

A roofing contractor, like us, deals exclusively in roofs. This includes gutters, fascia boards and even chimney issues. Roofers have seen it all and we dedicate our professional lives to quality roof installations. General contractors do all types of construction. Most of the time, a general contractor will subcontract the labor while handling the scheduling (for example, a general contractor will hire a plumber, a carpenter, a concrete pourer—whatever you need done) and then manage the timeline of the work. A general contractor can also arrange for a roofer to do your repair, but this is where we start to caution you. Not always will you get a roofer with your best interests in mind. The only way to be completely sure you’re getting a quality roof installation is by using a licensed, insured, experienced roofing company whose craftsmanship is guaranteed to last.

 Advantages of Working with a Local Roofing Contractor

When the only work you’re having done is on your roof, it’s a no-brainer: hire a local roofing contractor. Even if you’re having other work done and bring in a general contractor to manage it, we suggest you hire a trusted roofer. If you decide to go with a general contractor, you can also request the general contractor hire your preferred roofer. Roofing companies are certified by manufacturers, which leads to longer warranties for you. Roofers are experts and less prone to mistakes, but also are more likely to have more comprehensive insurance for specific types of issues that can arise on a roof. Plus, because local roofing companies live and work in your neighborhood, they’re incentivized to perform a great installation, develop a long-term relationship with their customers and, as a result, boost the local economy.

Perceived Negatives of Local Roofing Companies

Speaking of economy, there’s one misconception that roofers are more expensive than general contractors. This is rarely true. However, even if the up-front cost is a little more, consider the life of the roof. A licensed roofing contractor with a partnership with a top manufacturer will often be able to install a roof that will last twice (or more) as long as a general contractor. Even if you don’t plan to live in your home for that long, it will pay dividends through your resale value. Again, if your home strictly needs roof repair or replacement, the decision is easy: hire a local roofing contractor. If there’s more work to be done around the house and you want someone to manage it, a general contractor is a good idea, but remember: you can always work with your general contractor to make sure the roofer meets your standards, and you can also hire the roofer yourself, separate from any other work being done. Work with a qualified roofer and your peace of mind—not to mention your quality of investment—will increase. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions regarding your roof or to request a quote for repair.