Let’s start by clearing up any misconceptions about winter window replacement: yes, you can replace windows in the winter. If you’re noticing drafts and high energy bills, you don’t have to wait out the winter to take care of it; you can act right away.

Unfounded Fears of Winter Installations

There are two main fears shared by homeowners and business owners that prevent them from replacing windows in the winter, but both are unnecessary. There’s no need to be afraid of the cold flowing in during the installation. Professional installers know to do one window at a time to mitigate the temperature inside. Further, any distrust of the window sealants is misguided—installers use materials that can handle extreme cold, even below 0° Fahrenheit. There is no disadvantage at all to installing windows in the winter as opposed to the summer.

Advantages of Winter Window Replacement

If your windows have issues, winter is the best time of year to find them. A cold draft coming in during the winter is easier to notice than a warm draft during the summer. As materials contract in the cold, you may start to notice leaks when it rains or snows. Your energy bills will generally rise in the winter anyway, but you may notice they’ve risen a little more than normal.  As we’ve established, there’s no reason to wait until spring to take care of any of these glaring issues. You can address them now and potentially save money on your energy bills right away. When you replace windows in the winter, you may get a better price and more flexible schedule. Because most window installers are less busy during the winter, you can often ask for immediate installation or set an appointment for later—even much later, such as spring or summer, in some cases. Again, there’s no true advantage to a summer installation over a winter installation, but if the schedule works better for you, you can get locked in now before the installers get too busy and you have to take whatever time is available. Similar to any business, window installers want to stay busy all year, and sometimes that means giving better prices in the winter. If you shop around and look for any special deals, you might be able to save a little (or a lot) by scheduling your window replacement during the winter months. Even if you’re not ready to replace your windows right now, we recommend you use the cold winter months to evaluate the efficiency of every window in your home or business. Check for drafts, leaks and potential problems with seals. Since winter is the best time of year to identify these issues, you should do so. Then, you can determine whether to replace your windows now or in the future. For more information about winter window installations or to schedule a professional evaluation, please contact us. We’ll connect you with one of our windows experts and help you get your home or business ready for the season.