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Recently, the professional roofing contractors at West Michigan Roofing & Construction has had the great honor of winning the 2021 Gold tier of the ARMA awards for a highly successful asphalt roofing project in Kalamazoo, MI.

Since we first opened our doors over 100 years ago, our team has been committed to delivering excellent craftsmanship to every customer. We are incredibly honored to be recognized for our hard work through this prestigious award.

How West Michigan Roofing Won an ARMA Award

For starters, you may be asking yourself: what are the ARMA awards? Every year, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) gives out awards to recognize industry professionals that use asphalt for both steep and low slope roof systems. 

There are three tiers of awards—gold, silver, and bronze—which are given out based on the success of the asphalt roofing project. These projects are judged based on four categories: 

  1. Performance
  2. Beauty
  3. Distinction
  4. The reason for using asphalt over other materials

This year, West Michigan Roofing won the Gold Award for their work on the historic Henderson Castle. First, our team removed all the original slate roofing, except for the remaining slate around the spire on the roof. We then replaced everything with our high-quality GAF asphalt shingles, which matched the original look perfectly. Plus, it made the entire roof system water resistant, too.

West Michigan Roofing Contractors

With the help of West Michigan Roofing, the Henderson Castle roof system will now stand the test of time. Asphalt was the clear choice of material for the project, providing a durable and dependable solution. All in all, everything took about two months, and we were able to keep to their schedule for every Saturday wedding.

The History of the Henderson Castle

The Henderson Castle is a well-known monument that sits atop West Main Hill on three acres of land overlooking downtown Kalamazoo. The Queen Anne style house was designed by C. A. Gombert of Milwaukee and consists of twenty-five rooms, including seven baths, an elevator, a third-floor ballroom, and a hot tub on the roof.

It was first established in 1895 and is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places, serving as a beautiful boutique hotel that acts as a bed and breakfast and has Chophouse restaurant, organic garden, vineyard, and day spa. It is also a great destination for weddings.

West Michigan Roofing Contractors

In between the time the castle was first built and now, the location also served as a liberal arts school at Kalamazoo College, was in three horror movies, and has been featured on the Discovery Channel and House Hunters.

The Henderson Castle is the perfect blend of antique architecture and modern amenities. Behind the vintage aesthetic is a variety of convenient features, including wireless internet access, heated marble floors, a sauna, a steam room, and a hot tub. This makes the castle the perfect location for a wide variety of events.

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