There's no question about it—West Michigan Roofing has deep ties within our community. Since 1967, we've taken pride in serving our neighbors in any way that we can. Whether it's installing high-quality roofing systems, offering friendly advice, or even working hough charity programs, we are so grateful to be a part of this beautiful community.

By placing emphasis on building community and leadership, we feel that our work speaks for itself—lifting our neighbors in any way that we can. And recently, one project of ours stood out as something that we hope can set an example for other businesses that operate in Western Michigan.

As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we're lucky to have a partnership with an industry-leading manufacturer that also emphasizes serving local communities. We were able to partner with them to achieve something unique.

Army Veteran Gets a New Roof

With this year's Veterans Day, we felt that we needed to take the initiative to give back to those who have fought hard for this county. Rebecca Johnson is a 21-year veteran of the army who has spent her life helping others around her. With some hard times recently, Rebecca found herself in need of a new roof, but the expense seemed like it would be too much for her.

Her roof had sustained some damage over the years. Small leaks developed into more significant issues, and she knew that it was only a matter of time before her roof gave out entirely. Through a partnership with Owens Corning and Habitat for Humanity, we were happy to work with Rebecca, installing a brand-new, high-quality roof for her home. 

With this, Rebecca can feel peace of mind, knowing that she now has a roof that will last her home for years to come. We were happy to take on this project, given our focus on community. Since 2016, this program has installed 375 new roofs, and we can't wait to see more to come.

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